I just got a notice

I just opened up my mail and found my homeowner's insurance is going to be canceled unless i have the "rotted tree" removed from my property. Which means I have to get the city arborist to come out and agree that it needs to come down, find someone to do the work, and be able to pay them.... OMFG

EDIT: Okay my moment of panic is over, mostly. I went online and applied to the city for a permit to have the tree removed. My neighbor mentioned about a month ago that they had found someone that was very reasonable to remove trees. All the pieces are in place for this to work out just fine.

I should have already had the tree looked at and removed if a problem. That's my part. It probably should have been a little higher on my priority list. And if that's my part here, well that's not too bad at all. The universe has seen fit to step in and correct me in pretty much the gentlest way it could... IE without a tree falling on my house, so there is a lot I need to be grateful for.

I think my biggest problem is that I've been wanting to buy myself a shiny, a fixed gear bicycle... example. Which is clearly not something I need, but something I really want. This is definitely gong to delay that.

So what is really annoying is that I am going to have to do a little bit of work here. I am going to have to deal with other people. I am going to be held accountable for the results, unless I get it done I don't have home owner's insurance, and I am not going to get to spend my money on what I would rather spend it on.

I so wish I could grow up, act like an adult, and not find stuff like this so annoying.


Hey you. You that attended North Roswell Elementary between 1974 and 1981, or Roswell High School between 1981 and 1985.

I hereby forgive every schoolyard taunt, every laugh at my expense, every instance of social ostracism, and every action that made me feel less than everybody else. I give it all up. I give up all the pain and loneliness, the hurt, and the isolation. It's over. I hope life has treated each of you well and that you and your families and most especially your children have been blessed.

You have a clean slate as far as I am concerned. The statue of limitations on childhood injuries is long past. Go forth and prosper. And please, in the future, stay the fuck out of my head.

Okay, that felt kind of amazing. I literally got chills and goosebumps as I wrote that. Surely there is more to it than that? It cannot be that easy. Surely such a thing requires years of therapy, preferable expensive therapy? It cannot be as simple as becoming willing and posting a few words to a blog? I will never doubt the power of words again. Never has a post felt like this.

Some of you may be thinking correctly that I am a little slow to catch on to some basic life skills and should have done this years ago. The fact is that on my journey, I have just reached the point where I could do this. Better late than never.

I hate it that so much of my misery seems in the end to be self-imposed. Although on the flip side, that means it is in my power to get out of it.